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Created on 2011-05-13 08:48:29 (#889175), last updated 2011-05-13 (331 weeks ago)

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Name:Dress in Tuscany at the time of Raffaello Sanzio's
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Community description:Renaissance, Florence, Italy, Raffaello Sanzio

A few weeks ago, a rather excentric idea struck - and encouraged by an e-mail exchange with operafantomet it started to take shape.

We all have our meet-ups - we meet in 18th century, 15th century, Steampunk, bustle-dress, Napoleonic fashion etc. And while I was complaining about the only time we go to Florence in costume, it's all in a wild mixture of "Renaissance" and never one clear style.

Why and What:
I have a very soft spot for the still very "medievalish" or "unembellished" or "practical" fashion of the early 16th century, and I know, I am not alone. Who hasn't watched jenthompson 's dress diary and told herself "I need a Florentine dress". Indeed - who hasn't?
There are so many beautiful dresses about. And who hasn't always told herself - one day I would like to visit Florence (again). I guess most of us. Though I am aware - Florence lies in Italy, in Europe, and it's between unlikely to impossible for all of us to meet, I still would like to give it a try.

The reason I choose to create a LJ community over a "Facebook-Groupe" or another Mini-Blog: It's easier to communicate here. We can share ideas, discuss dates, share links, without it being subject to FB ever changing privacy politic and still being able to locate the information in the vast sea of information called the internet.

So - if you know someone who might be interested in either joining the discussion or even the travelgroup, just hand them the link. This community should be here to help us coordinate the journey to Florence as well as to be open for new people to join in.

Where and When:
Firenze. Yes - the one in Tuscany. And maybe Siena. And maybe Fiesole - all depending where everyone would like to go. The question of "When" - that's up to us to decide. But as I am willing to organise the accommodation, I'd like a date where I can join as well. Preferably Autumn 2012 or the year after?

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